Talking Anesthesiology, an Interview | Life as a Doctor


An interview with a Mayo Clinic Anesthesiology resident, Dr. Matt Hardman! Trying something new here, going to start interviews with other doctors in various fields to bring more exposure and insight for students watching. Hope you enjoy this video where we discuss life as a doctor in anesthesia residency and Dr. Hardman talks about his experience in anesthesia residency! Also don’t forget to go check out his personal blog to follow his faith journey through medical training. Time Stamps of Interview Topics: 0:45 Introduction 1:26 why medicine 2:15 why anesthesia 3:30 what other specialties did you consider 4:27 choosing between surgery and anesthesia 6:00 what is the role of an anesthesiologist 6:50 how much training is required and what fellowships 8:30 RANDOM FUN QUESTIONS!! 10:10 who is a good fit for anesthesia 11:30 describing a typical day 13:20 common misconceptions about anesthesiology 15:00 least favorite parts 16:30 general tips for medical students 18:00 discussion about Dr. Hardman’s personal blog MUSIC: